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Journey of Inner Feelings:

We enjoyed the performance very much. The location and setting was very intimate. The scenes brought us through a journey of our inner feelings: sorrow, sympathy, frustration, sadness, happiness, anger and humor. Thank you!

Great Job!

Fantastic performance! I was only able to see Flowers. The actors did a great job with allowing us to know character personalities. Erik Leeming as Charly did an amazing job! You fell in love with him and felt the joys and heart-ache that he went through. Many sniffles when Charly went to see his mom.

Amazing Performance.

I loved the “Charles” show. It’s amazing performance.

Very Professional Acting!

An excellent and entertaining evening. Some very professional acting! A very fine array of emotions and talents. Thank you Pamela and company!


Thank you Pamela. That was wonderful.


My friend’s and I thoroughly enjoyed our evening in Laguna Beach. The show was amazing! The different scenes had us crying and laughing! Thank you so much for a highly entertaining time.

An Intimate Experience.

You don’t think of sitting in a room with 50 other people as being intimate, but now I understand why my friend told me it would be an intimate experience. In Charly my eyes teared up. At one point I wanted to jump up and punch Gimpy in the face. Glad I didn’t. He’s bigger…

Hilarious! So Funny!

The Gin Game was so hilarious! I could not keep myself from laughing. So funny, but so true to life!


I could literally feel the emotions of the actors. It was intense!


The tension that you feel in some of the scenes is incredible. You can’t wait to see what happens next.