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You may simply start out with an idea – an idea that you want to communicate; and idea as to how you and your company are different and why you are leagues ahead of your competition.  You know who your customers are – but are their markets out there you are not even reaching yet?  You know roughly what you want to say – but how do you say it and present it exactly? Pamela Peak and Pamela Peak Productions are the award-winning team who will help you pull it all together. From their unique marketing prospective they will take from the very start of your project  (a prospective rarely applied by other video production houses), to their award-winning skills in writing, producing, directing and editing, Pamela Peak and her team work closely with you to produce the video that will boost your business and enlighten your clients ways that no other video production house can. 

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From Award-winning documentary films to industrial videos and exciting live events, Pamela Peak Production’s works makes effective impacts. The work that we deliver to you and your company will communicate the exact important message you want to impart; and it will communicate in a way that keeps your audience totally absorbed in what you have to say. SO LEARN ABOUT OUR: Back to Top


Award-winning Documentary seen by millions of viewers on PBS

Pamela Peak – Writer, Producer, Director, Rick Sherman – Composer and Audio Engineer, Steven Oatley – Cinematographer, Curt Norris – editor.

The Story: Scattered to the winds by the 1967 Detroit race riots a group of almost all-white, 1960s, grade school classmates reunite at age 46, and discover how each of their lives had been profoundly impacted by their beloved African American teacher, Mr. Bell.  

Voices of a Never Ending Dawn

Emmy Nominated Documentary seen on PBS)

Pamela Peak – Writer, Producer, Director, Rick Sherman – Composer and Audio Engineer, Steven Oatley – Cinematographer, Curt Norris – editor.

This incredible Emmy Nominated documentary proved that Pamela Peak will go anywhere to “get the shot” and get the job done!  She and her brave crew shot re-enactment scenes for this exciting two-hour film in 7 degree below zero temperatures and a driving blizzard for five straight days – without a hitch in their equipment and with  the complete and total safety of their cast and crew. With the great skill and management of Pamela and her crew, the video shoot became a highly productive and unforgettable eventthat yielded accolades from audiences around the world. The Story: Award-winning filmmaker Pamela Peak takes us on an emotional journey inside the hearts and minds of a heroic group of young American soldiers as they struggle greatly with two life-threatening events: The hardships of war on an ill-planned mission in 60 degree below zero temperatures, fighting the first Communists known as Bolsheviks, while also struggling with the fact that their country had forgotten them months after WWI had ended!  Told in the haunting words of the young soldiers themselves, their mission became known as “the acid test of loyalty to country”. Voices of a Never Ending Dawn is not a political film nor is it a “war documentary”, it is a moving human story about youth, courage and the effects of war – and a story that proves that The Cold War did notbegin without fire. Back to Top


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This video was the fulfillment of a dream for  Joyce Goodman, an exercise and life coach who is now successfully selling her exercise videos nationally. After the death of her son from juvenile diabetes, Joyce vowed that she would bring her unique, life-giving exercise program to clients on a national basis. She knew that a truly professional video would help her do this. While Joyce did not have a huge budget, Pamela and her team created a top-notch, professional and aesthetic video that skillfully communicated everything Joyce Goodman knew was vital to communicate.  And her clients find her full-length exercise routine fun and exciting too! Call us at 949-305-5496 to discuss ideas you have for a video that effectively promotes your company, your product or your unique services! We can also help you with web videos and web content that will impact prospective clients and get them to take action! Back to Top  An example of one of Peak Productions finest corporate events is the Global Security Operations event for Security Directors and Managers. The GSO Event has been held at such premiere venues such as Adobe World Headquarters in San Jose, CA, Home Depot World Headquarters in Atlanta, GA and the historic RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, CA. Pamela Peak Productions produced the entire event at each venue as well as capturing the attendee enthusiasm and event value in live testimonial videosthroughout the conference. As experienced documentarians, Pamela and her team know how to ask just the right questions to capture the vital statements about your event that will urge others to attend future events of the same kind. The above testimonials speak for themselves as to the quality and value of the event Pamela and her team produced. The concept and delivery of The GSO Event was so unique and considered so valuable that the event set an entirely new standard within it’s industry! Contact us to discuss any upcoming events on your horizon. We look forward to bringing your vision into reality! Call: 949- 305-5496.