Auditions and Cold Readings Class

Hello Actors,

I’ve gotten so many requests in the past year to speak more about auditions and cold readings.

A cold reading is when a script is suddenly handed to you at an audition and they want you to instantly come alive and bring it up to performance level on the spot!

So, I’ve decided to resurrect an important class I’ve taught in the past. And I do guarantee that this class is not like any other cold reading or audition class you’ve taken before!

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The class will begin on Sunday, March 31, 2024 from 5:00pm to 7:30pm for eight Sundays. There will be make-up classes taught on a week night if you need to miss a class or two. The data on this subject is so important, it can make or break your path forward in this industry with your art. And a little bit of this powerful information goes a long way.

For those of you who are newer at this, the class will include two live sessions with actors who ARE performing regularly in movies and commercials so you’ll know just how to go about starting to audition when you’re ready. Or, if you are already auditioning, you’ll learn some valuable tips to add to what you are doing now.

Let me tell you more:

Some powerful tools will be placed in your hands – tools not taught in any other audition or cold reading class – tools so valuable, they will put you way ahead of your competition. That’s no exaggeration! This class will help you see things you haven’t seen before.

Enroll in the Auditions and Cold Readings Class Now!

Here are some of the topics we will be covering regarding Auditions and Cold Readings:

  1. Learn and drill some special tools that emotionally clarify any character in seconds – tools that will instantly and powerfully tie the character to your heart. This powerful force multiplier will put you far ahead of your competition. It’s the reason I landed my first professional jobs.

    These tools will help you demonstrate to directors just how flexible and direct-able you are. And THAT is when they’ll cast you . . . that’s when they’ll be intrigued by you and want to work with you – instead of some other actor.

  2. When you walk in the room for an audition, are you truly WORKING THAT ROOM?

    • What does “working the room” even mean?
    • What makes some actors so successful at it? What are they doing that you’re not?
    • If you are already out there auditioning, how could you be more successful at it?
    • What should you be doing when you walk in that room?
    • What shouldn’t you be doing when you walk in that room?
    • And what do your communication skills have to do with this? We’ll be taking a very close look at this so where ever you are coming from, you can improve ten-fold!
  3. Learning to “Validate your own passport” in this industry

    • This is a tough and very negative industry at times . . . but how can YOU outsmart that and work in this industry anyway?
    • What choices can you make that will help you sidestep those pitfalls and avoid the negativity and invalidation altogether?
    • What attitude is best to have as an actor that will win you jobs?
  4. You will learn to take any material thrown at you in any audition, and in just a few moments bring it completely and confidently up to a truthful performance level, so it’s on par with the best work you’ve ever done. (Sounds like a tall order, but it can easily be done . . . with the right techniques).

  5. Are you embracing your stereotype and making the absolute best of it? Or are you shying away from it and shying away from the persona people see you as. We’ll be identifying what your stereotype is and you’ll learn even more ways to embrace it (in interviews, networking events and the audition room itself).

  6. We’ll be giving you the secrets to calming your nerves before and during any audition situation or interview – secrets you can count on to work!

    • We study the nuts and bolts here. Why answer the questions of why we get nervous in the first place?
    • Don’t walk out of another audition saying “I should have done this!” or “I should have done that!”
    • Learn what you should be doing on your way to the audition that will completely calm your nerves.
  7. When the audition script (or a cold reading) is handed to you, what’s the first and most crucial thing you should be doing?

  8. We’ll be discussing doing your homework before you arrive on any audition:

    • What to do/what NOT to do!
    • Wearing your hat as an actor
    • What should you be doing on the way to an audition.
    • What you should NOT be doing on the way to an audition.
    • What should you do once you arrive.
    • What shouldn’t you do when you arrive.
  9. Enroll in the Auditions and Cold Readings Class Now!