Pamela Peak is an award-winning and Emmy-nominated writer, producer and director.
Her first documentary film, Colorblind, was seen on PBS Television in early 2008 by an estimated 56 million viewers and still airs today on PBS in the U.S and Canada.
The story was also featured on ABC News Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts when Pamela brought this moving story to Diane Sawyer’s attention.
Colorblind also garnered four “Best Documentary” film festival awards.
Pamela’s next film on PBS is “Voices of a Never Ending Dawn. This incredible two-hour documentary went on to be nominated for an Emmy Award. The film tells the forgotten story of a group of heroic WWI Veterans who fought one of the most horrific battles in US Military History. This story was largely forgotten until Pamela and her team brought it to life on PBS television. In 2010 Pamela was awarded the prestigious State History Award for Media from the Historical Society of Michigan, for her exemplary work in documenting Michigan’s role in the Northern Russian Expedition in the documentary film, Voices of a Never Ending Dawn. Pamela is used to writing from her heart and writing works that move people. Whether she is working on an award-winning documentary, an industrial film or producing an exciting live event, it is  passion, enthusiasm and caring that she and her crew bring to a project that helps it touch the heart. This passion and enthusiasm shows in all projects Pamela takes on and in her audiences’ reactions. The positive and emotional response to Colorblind by the national PBS audiences was an example of this. Thousands of messages of thanks poured in from viewers in the U.S. and Canada who saw the film on PBS stations. Hundreds of teachers around the country were profoundly moved by the story, and wrote or called to request workbook material for use with their History and Social Studies classes. A workbook was supplied with the film and the “lessons of love and humanity” that Colorblind imparts are now used everyday in classrooms across the country. Pamela’s telling of the WWI story in Voices of a Never Ending Dawn has also profoundly moved thousands of people who saw the film on PBS. The movie makes a major emotional impact while documenting an important time in our history. The film has become an absolute favorite with Veterans and was selected to screen at the National WWI Musuem See viewer reactions to the film at: viewer reactions. Pamela has been a published award-winning author since the age of fourteen. She began her show business career as an actress, training in New York City at the renowned acting school, The Neighborhood Playhouse learning the acting technique of the great Sandford Meisner which she uses throughout all her work.   After graduating from acting school in New York City, Pamela soon found herself performing in television daytime soap operas such as CBS’s Love of Life and As The World Turns. Pamela has acted in, produced and directed numerous stage plays in New York, Los Angeles as well as dinner theater in Florida. Pamela has also appeared in, written, produced and directed numerous industrial and corporate videos and infomercials produced in Orange County, CA. (See: Examples-Professional Practice) She resides in Orange County, CA with her husband and children. (Orange County, California is a US capitol for the production and post-production of industrial films.)

In between productions, Pamela teaches the Sanford Meisner improvisational acting technique in Irvine, CA. The Meisner technique is the “trade secret” of stars like Steve McQueen, Gregory Peck, Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton, Jeff Goldblum, Sydney Pollack, Mary Steenbergen, Jon Voight, and many of your other favorite actors. Pamela is also currently working on several exciting new projects … which will appear on this website when completed.

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