An Awakening on the Hill

The Actors’ Showcase of May 2012

A most moving and dramatic experience!

A uniquely riveting experience that will move you to laughter and tears in a spectacular setting. An Awakening on the Hill is a night of entertainment you will not forget. The actors deliver a brilliantly moving performance.
What a fabulous experience An Awakening on the Hill was. I was moved to tears several times. Such a talented group! —D. Parker
Your event was spectacular – don’t know how you manage to do what you do. I loved the setting – so unusual and so fitting to the production. The actors were all brilliant! —J. Goodman
What an evening! The production value is flawless as well as the addition of music and “A-list” singers and dancers. What a great event! —B. Barth

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Producer/Director Pamela Peak and her troupe of advanced actors from Del Mar Media Arts bring Heritage Hill Historical Park alive with characters whose stories are so real and so touching that the entire 1860s town comes vibrantly alive around you!

Join us under the stars on May 19th at 7:30 PM as the sun sets on Heritage Hill Historical Park in Lake Forest California as the night air is filled with song from Tenor Arnold Livingston Geis, followed by dramatic monologues from the hearts of the townspeople of the fictional town of Spoon River, with additional song from Mezzo Soprano Megan Schuller-Donoff and Soprano Areli De La Torre.

Join us for stirring visitations from beyond the edge of time!


The Actors Showcase of February 2012

All seats have been taken! Weekend 1: Fri/Sat Feb. 10th & 11th.   Weekend 2: Fri/Sat Feb. 17th & 18th.        

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