Emmy-nominated producer/director and filmmaker; inspirational speaker

Pamela Peak is an award-winning screenwriter and producer/director whose uplifting works have been inspiring audiences on TV, film and stage for decades. The stories in her films profoundly touch the human heart and have graced the screens of film festivals around the world. From the Gandhi Film Festival in Mumbai India to the Garden State Film Festival in Bruce Springsteen’s hometown of Asbury Park New Jersey, from the prestigious Palm Beach Film Festival to the Mann’s Chinese Theater in the heart of Hollywood, (and countless others). Millions have been uplifted by her work, including her documentary films that appear on PBS.

As an inspirational speaker and coach, Pamela has enjoyed working with large corporations such as Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Century 21. She works one-on-on with top executives, doctors and lawyers, helping them become truly effective speakers themselves.

As a teacher and dynamic acting coach, Pamela is known for drawing out the very best from the artists she works with, while she helps actors work from their heart and “obtain that job.”



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Over the years, Pamela has delivered inspirational speeches that help people with issues about overcoming personal loss and tragedies, to team building and how to uplift the tone of the office and truly create cohesive teams.

Her award-winning and uplifting documentary film Colorblind, in which she was the main storyteller, was seen by an estimated 56 million PBS viewers over a four-year period. This story inspires viewers to look well beyond race and color and simply at each person’s human heart.

Pamela believes that clear cut and well delivered communication between people, and truly understanding the other person’s plight and viewpoint, is at the root of all understanding, problem solving and conflict resolution.

Photo - Pamela's Leadership Training

She has taught communication courses at large corporations, sales teams, to artists of all kinds, and even in the roughest juvenile facilities in downtown Detroit. The goal of her courses is always to equip her students with the basic tools of communication, so they too can become truly effective communicators and speakers.

“Getting our communication skills sound and strong, is the key to creating greater understanding.”

Her inspirational speeches have been known to touch people very profoundly and bring about major change in people’s lives.

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Photo - Director Pamela Peak Shooting on Location During a 7° Michigan Blizzard

When Pamela isn’t working on a film, play or live event, she is known for being one of the most premiere acting coaches in Southern CA. From newer actors to seasoned vets, Pamela uses the brilliant acting technique of Sanford Meisner to bring out the best in her students and to help them walk into an audition totally prepared and land that job!

“As a coach, Pamela always brings the best out in me. She helps me “go there” emotionally. She’s really great at breaking down complex scripts and roles quickly, so I can understand them with my heart and act from the truth of me. I have gotten several roles due to the coaching I’ve received from Pamela Peak. I’ve even called her the night before a shoot and she’s always there for me, helping me to quickly find the essence of a scene and bring the best of me, emotionally, to the set.” – K.K.

Photo - Pamela's Inspirational Acting

“Pamela’s method of coaching helps get me untied from the script and be free emotionally. I’ve landed several roles because I not only walked into the audition totally prepared emotionally, but I brought in so much life and spontaneity that they just couldn’t think of hiring anyone else!” M.H.

See Pamela in a scene from a recent performance at The Randy Higbee Gallery (opens in a new tab or window).

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