Premiere Private Acting Coaching

Pamela Peak is considered one of the top private acting coaches in Southern California. She coaches students for movie, television and play auditions to help them win their roles. Pamela is dedicated to the art of acting. She goes above and beyond traditional coaching. She makes sure that the actors not only fulfill and exceed the audition requirements, but that each actor is also extremely confident in their role before they walk in the audition door. Pamela’s inspirational way of coaching helps actors greatly in a business that is not usually mindful or caring of the artist and his or her talent. For private coaching call or text Pamela at 949-439-8735 or email her at

If you get a sudden audition (meaning not much time to prepare), call Pamela as soon as possible because she understands that auditions can be sprung on you and she will help you become fully prepared in record time.

Pamela also coaches actors in emergency situations where, for example, they are on a set and a director asks them to come back with a whole new interpretation or take the scene in a completely different direction. Pamela helps actors deliver what the director is now asking for. She is also available for on-the-set coaching.

What Actors Say About Pamela’s Coaching

“As a coach, Pamela always brings the best out in me. She helps me ‘go there’ emotionally. She’s really great at breaking down complex scripts and roles quickly, so I can understand them with my heart and act from the truth of me. I have gotten several roles due to the coaching I’ve received from Pamela Peak. I’ve even called her the night before a shoot and she’s always there for me, helping me to quickly find the essence of a scene and bring the best of me, emotionally, to the set.” – K.K.

“Thanks to your great coaching last night, I just finished my sitcom audition, and it went great. Lots of great feedback, thanks to you. I drove it with lots of energy all the way through. It was fun and they said it was a great read. Thanks again.” – J.D.

For private coaching call or text Pamela at 949-439-8735 or email her at