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See What Pamela Peak’s Acting Students Say About Her Professional Acting Classes

Improvisational based acting is stimulating and exciting work. It challenges you to ‘think outside the box’. One can experiment and allow one’s creative imagination full reign, no holds barred, within the safe and supportive environment that was provided.”
Joan Harwood
I’ve discovered such personal growth in working with this particular acting technique taught by Pamela Peak. I have learned so much and have really enjoyed the challenge of learning a new art form. I feel ready and am now able to audition in Los Angeles. I am ready and prepared to perform.”
Brent Kim
I’ve discovered such personal growth in working this particular way as an actor. Allowing truthful emotions to ‘carry the line’ in a script and discovering how to ‘make a scene your own’ with your own personal emotions is a concept I find very exciting. My classes with Pamela Peak have helped me to make all characters I play real and alive, no matter who they are.”
Stan Lawrence
Working improvisationally has opened me up to a whole new range of emotions. It has allowed me to let my emotions out. And reacting with truthful emotions towards my fellow actors was a brand new concept to me. I see the importance in every detail when it comes to creating a character and making her believable.”
Evelyn Brookins
When I discovered that Pamela Peak was teaching the acting technique used by Robert Duvall and other great actors I was very happy.  It is the technique developed by Sanford Meisner and it is brilliant and truthful.”
Bob Millspaugh
I found more of myself and my own abilities through this class.  My acting all started pulling together for me when I realized that it’s the individual actor who comes to the scene with his own personalized emotions.  That is what makes a scene come alive!”
Phillip Santa Maria
The Improvisational-based acting taught here is very exciting! I love the freedom to create my own work and provoke emotions from my heart and my senses.” 
Leif Settergren
This improvisational acting technique taught by Pamela Peak opened my kid-heart-senses and both allowed and forced me to embrace the kid I am – the kid I knew wasn’t lost, just MIA! (Missing In Action) My biggest surprise was, doggone it, I’m good at it and people like me!  Before this class I was trapped in my head and that blurred the beating of my heart.  I feel my world and those in it more consciously, fearlessly and deeply now.  I am alive!”
Carl Symons
It is really amazing not to have to put the emphasis on the script and to be able to do an entire scene without a script! By using emotions from my heart and acting upon my impulses, I found that the words or lines of a script are not as important as responding truthfully off of my acting partner’s behavior. The script is merely a roadmap for the actor that will keep him on the road.”
Ron Arentz
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