Who is “ON IMPULSE”?

ON IMPULSE! – It’s not just theatre . . . It’s an EXPERIENCE!

The On ImpulseTM Acting Troupe was founded in 2011 by Emmy-nominated Producer/Director Pamela Peak. The founding members and even newer members of the troupe today all study the acting technique of the great Sanford Meisner.

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The Secret to On Impulse's Success

Sanford MeisnerWho is Sanford Meisner? Well, he was known as “Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret” and the acting teacher, for decades, to some of American’s brightest A-List Stars such as Alec Baldwin, Jeff Bridges, Sandra Bullock, James Caan, Scott Caan, Tom Cruise, Alexandra Daddario, Robert Duvall, Tina Fey, James Gandolfini, Jeff Goldblum, Diane Keaton, Christopher Lloyd, Dylan McDermott, Steve McQueen, Christopher Meloni, Chris Noth, Gregory Peck, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sydney Pollack, Paul Sorvino, Mary Steenburgen, Jon Voight, Naomi Watts, Wil Wheaton and a good majority of the actors you see when you watch high-quality work on your favorite TV shows. stan-george-grey-160x196It’s the training of our actors that sets On Impulse apart. In fact, attending an On Impulse show is truly like no other. From heavy Tennessee Williams Dramas like Orpheus Descending or Sweet Bird of Youth or classics like Of Mice and Men all the way to Neil Simon’s great comedy hits, the On Impulse Actors come alive before you! Perhaps we could describe it as “watching great film or television acting right there live on stage.” These actors are truly experiencing every emotion in real-time. They deliver memorable performances that vibrate with profound truth. BEMBRIDGE-Promotion-with-Photos-160x207Many audiences have been moved to tears at On Impulse shows. And sometimes they’ve been known to be scared out of their wits when they witness shows like, “The Souls of Spoon River Return” in a spooky old haunted house. Why? Because these actors truly believe in what they are experiencing so you believe it too! On Impulse appears at all kinds of venues—from spooky old Victorian Houses such as The Bembridge House in Long Beach, CA, to historical parks and even incredible shows, inches away from their audiences, in private homes . On Impulse’s Summer Home is at The Cabrillo Playhouse where they perform three back-to-back fabulous shows in just six weeks. So join us for an exciting evening of live theatre that will move you. Because when you attend an On Impulse show you will truly know what it means when audiences say: “It’s not just theatre . . . it’s an experience!”
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