When Pamela takes a break in her schedule, she enjoys training actors to introduce students to the powerful acting technique developed by acting great Sanford Meisner. It is Meisner’s improvisational acting technique that has become known as “the best kept secret of the stars”. Go to Class Descriptions below

Class Descriptions

Acting Improvisational Skills 1

  • Teaches the true basics of all great acting and how improvisation is at its foundation.
  • Believing fully in your Imaginary Circumstance
  • Playing off the other person
  • How to prepare emotionally and truthfully for any acting circumstances.

Acting Improvisational Skills 2

  • Intensive work on playing off the other actor
  • Building truthful reality in all you do
  • Applying learned improvisational skills to two person scenes
  • Staying truthful when the emotions of  scene suddenly shift or when a script feels foreign to you.

Acting Improvisational Skills 3

  • Re-enforcement of all previously learned skills
  • How to create an “organic and alive” character
  • The truthful technique of performing monologues
  • The vital basics of  rehearsal
  • Preparing your work for professional performance

Advanced Workshop

This advanced workshop is by invitation only and results in live performances for audiences and casting directors for film and television.


Pamela was schooled in Meisner’s Acting Technique in New York, when she was just out of high school. She views this acting study as one of the greatest opportunities that shaped the direction of her life. Meisner’s brilliant improvisational technique became the foundation of all of Pamela’s acting, writing, producing and directing. It is not often that a documentary film brings its audiences to laughter and to tears. Yet, this has become the hallmark of all Pamela’s films, which have been seen on PBS by millions of people. Meisner’s principles have contributed greatly to what makes Pamela’s documentary films a personal and emotional experience. And so Pamela teaches her acting students how to take their audiences on an emotional journey, too. If your audience doesn’t feel emotionally wrapped up in every move you make, then as an actor you haven’t done your job. Meisner’s technique is simple and truthful. “It’s almost like playing when we were kids.” says Pamela. “When boys played army or girls animated their Barbie Dolls, they really believed in the stories they were playing and spontaneously created them together on the spot. That is what Sanford Meisner taught me. He taught that the words of the script mean nothing, they are simply words on the page. It’s not words and pages that you convey to the audience. It’s your honest and truthful behavior and your belief in your Imaginary Circumstance that determines a great performance.” “As an actor,” continues Pamela,”your belief and your dedication to the imaginary circumstance you find yourself in means everything. To me, Robert Duvall is the greatest living example of what Meisner taught. No matter where he finds himself in a film – Duvall is alive, in that moment, responding truthfully to his fellow actors, from the viewpoint of the character he created. Even if the roof suddenly fell in, he’d respond to that spontaneously too. It wouldn’t matter if it was in the script or not!” If you are interested in advancing your acting career with this improvisational-based acting technique, please contact Pamela Peak at: or sign up (top right on page) to receive notifications about upcoming classes.

What Pamela’s Acting Students Say

When I discovered that Pamela Peak was teaching the acting technique used by Robert Duvall and other great actors I was very happy.  It is the technique developed by Sanford Meisner and it is brilliant and truthful.”
Bob Millspaugh
I found more of myself and my own abilities through this class.  My acting all started pulling together for me when I realized that it’s the individual actor who comes to the scene with his own personalized emotions.  That is what makes a scene come alive!”
Phillip Santa Maria
The Improvisational-based acting taught here is very exciting! I love the freedom to create my own work and provoke emotions from my heart and my senses.” 
Leif Settergren
This improvisational acting technique taught by Pamela Peak opened my kid-heart-senses and both allowed and forced me to embrace the kid I am – the kid I knew wasn’t lost, just MIA! (Missing In Action) My biggest surprise was, doggone it, I’m good at it and people like me!  Before this class I was trapped in my head and that blurred the beating of my heart.  I feel my world and those in it more consciously, fearlessly and deeply now.  I am alive!”
Carl Symons
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