The Speaking Authentically Course – for Emerging Executives

Whether you’re just entering the workforce for the very first time, returning to the workforce after being away for a while, or you are in the workforce for many years and want to be promoted to a more executive level, The Speaking Authentically Course for Emerging Executives will hone your confidence, presence and improve your inter-personal communication skills so you will be a person who authentically impacts those around you in a very positive way. This course lays the foundation of becoming an effective leader – someone who is considered valuable in any workforce.

The skills you will learn on this 2 – 3 day course have helped hundreds of people start their careers in the workforce and elevate themselves to the next level in their careers. This course is enlightening and it’s taught in a safe, fun and welcoming environment so that all students feel free to expand and grow as they learn these vital skills. View testimonials here.

Photo of Pamela Peak

Emmy-nominated producer/director Pamela Peak has helped countless salespeople, doctors, lawyers and professionals of all types to strengthen and master their personal communication skills, grow their confidence as public speakers as well as build their personal presence. Pamela knows how to coach professionals so their own unique voice, heart and authenticity shines through!

As an award-winning inspirational filmmaker and speaker, Pamela stands firm in the belief that great communication knows no barriers.

Not only does Pamela teach the basics of great communication, but as a movie director and an acting coach, Pamela knows what it takes to help people overcome barriers in their communication that may inadvertently distance others.

These days, where screens often replace face-to-face interactions with clients and others in the workforce on Zoom, Pamela has mastered the art of teaching compelling digital communication. She ensures that your virtual presence feels as genuine, moving and sincere as a conversation in person.

Harnessing such depth in communication not only distinguishes you as a great communicator and potential leader but as a memorable one who will leave an indelible mark on your all those around you. Step-by-step you will learn to accomplish this outcome.

No matter where you’re starting from, if you’re ready to boost your communication skills, presence and authenticity to a whole new level, contact Pamela Peak (telephone: 949-439-8735) to learn about the vital Speaking Authentically Course for Emerging Executives.