The Awakening at Sunset

The Souls of Spoon River Return

The On-Impulse Actors . . .
with the incredible music of Sonatasia, the graceful dancing of Seonag Porter, and the beautiful voice of acclaimed soprano Caroline Nelms.

As the sun gradually sets over the Pacific Ocean, sit high on the hillside in a stunning Laguna Beach home. Witness the souls of Spoon River awakening to recount their loves, losses, yearnings . . . and the secrets of their lives.

A hauntingly beautiful production that will stir your heart.

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Saturday, August 12th, at 7:00 PM


Sonatasia is more than a performance. It is a thrilling experience of music, dance, and theater, happening all around you in a beautiful private home. There is no stage...the stage is everywhere and the performers are close enough to touch! Don't miss this magical event.

Sonatasia and the On-Impulse Actors provide a unique and exciting dating experience or just a great evening of quality theater.

Enjoy snacks and refreshments before the show and then sit high on the hillside and be prepared to be moved by these incredible performers.

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