Make Your Acting Reel


Your reel may be filled with scenes from student films and smaller roles you did in Indie films or perhaps some roles you did in some well-named shows, but does your reel truly focus on the depth of your talent – the work you know you shine in the most?

Let me ask this:

Do you know the roles you truly shine in the most? Or do you feel you need to get yourself in focus as an actor and need an expert in casting and branding so you will be seen specifically and clearly for roles that will put you on the map?

As an Emmy-nominated producer/director who’s coached and directed hundreds of actors for years, how you want yourself to be seen and how you communicate that is what’s important. You want casting directors to be able to imagine you for even larger roles. If you deliver that to them, they will see you!


Let’s discuss your work and see if we’re a good fit to work together. And if it is, I will give my all as a coach and director to help you create a reel that helps you stand out and puts you on the map! One that sizzles with the essence of who you are, demonstrates the depth of your work and communicates it through professional lighting, sound and editing.

You don’t have to wait to build your reel! Let’s make it happen together.

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Judy has embraced the fact that she will be cast as "a glamorous high-power professional women", and a "bad-ass mom", and this is what she will be cast as. Therefore, her demo role "sizzles with the essence" of who she is! The work chosen communicates exactly the type of roles she should be cast in AND the depth of her work. The sound, lighting and editing are the vehicle to get that across to producers, directors and casting agents.

For just the month of May I have a "Professional Actor's Reel" Special that knocks $500 off the price of a professional reel. This includes:

  1. A Free consultation to get your branding clear and specific in your own mind and heart as an artist.
  2. Selection of material for two scenes and one monologue that really deliver who you are and the depth of your talent.
  3. At least two rehearsals directed by me (Pamela Peak) with your fellow actors (these are excellent, well-trained actors who will be supplied for your scenes)
  4. Your two scenes and one monologue will be shot professionally (well-lit and in locations appropriate for the scene)
  5. Your reel will contain professional graphics- something you're proud to present.
  6. Your reel will be professionally edited for you and delivered ready to post on casting sites.
  7. The reel will be something that let's casting directors, directors and producers KNOW who you are as a talent and they will take you seriously!

If you are ready to move ahead then: Check Out Our Special May Discount Program