Yes! You Can Act!™ – Level 1

Time: A Monday Evening Class: 6:30pm – 9:00pm.
Location: Lake Forest, CA 92630.
Starting: Monday, April 1st.
Class Length: This is an 8-week class.

Payment: Early Bird Special – $395.00 by Midnight on Sunday, March 17, 2024.,
or $495 by Monday, April 1st.

The greatest actors don’t look like they’re “acting."

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Learn the technique of stars like:

• Sandra Bullock     • Tom Cruise
• Alec Baldwin     • Scott Cann
• Jeff Bridges     • Jeff Goldblum
• Diane Keaton     • Tina Fey

and many more . . .


  • Teaches the true basics of all great acting and how improvisation is at its foundation
  • Teaches you how to feel more free and comfortable on stage or in front of any group
  • Helps you to Believe more fully in your Imaginary Circumstance on stage
  • Teaches you to Play off the other person on stage
  • Teaches you how to prepare emotionally and truthfully for any acting circumstances

Learn to act truthfully – from the truth of yourself.

Don’t be an actor. Be a human being who works off what exists under imaginary circumstances.
Sanford Meisner

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