The 3 Keys to Ignite Your Inner Artist

Artistic Rediscovery

Please join Pamela Peak on a journey of artistic self-discovery.

Where do you stand as an artist?

  • Has your dream as an artist been dimmed, blunted or trampled?
  • You’re a working artist but you just don’t feel the same passion as you once did?
  • Or, you’re someone who always felt you could be much more creative than life and your job has allowed you to be?

Pamela Peak has helped hundreds of her students “discover their inner artist and ignite or re-ignite their creativity to the max. She believes that artists need to live lives full of passion and purpose, and when they are operating upon that purpose only then is life truly fulfilling.”

Artists are people who are more alive than the rest. When we discover our true “artist’s voice”, our passions and purposes come abundantly alive again! And that’s what makes life, to an artist, worth living. — Pamela Peak

In this on-line event, Pamela will discuss such things as:

  • Eradicating the Self-Doubts that plague almost every artist
  • Discovering or re-discovering your own “unique artist’s voice”
  • Silencing the negative voices within that haunt us
  • Discovering how artists are “magnets” to negative personalities and
    how to keep them from blunting or stopping us.
  • How to handle artistic internal blocks, once they are spotted
  • A healthy way to handle critique and criticism as an artist.
  • How to systematically forge a path ahead with your chosen art
    and ensure you stay on a path of expansion
  • How you can help humanity with your particular art –
    and why they may be waiting for your unique contribution.

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