On the Other Side of the Storm

Tales of Human Triumph

A moving On Impulse theatrical experience in a stunning Laguna Beach mansion

Produced and Directed by Emmy-Nominated Producer/Director Pamela Peak

Who is On Impulse?

Saturday, MARCH 11, 7:30 PM


Experience the incredibly moving On Impulse actors with scenes from:
    ✦ CHARLY (Flowers for Algernon)

A unique and exciting dating experience or just a great night of quality theater.

Enjoy wine and cheese before the show and then sit in an intimate "at-home" environment and be prepared to be moved by these incredible actors.

Location: 690 Vista Ln, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 ✦ SEE MAP



By Daniel Keyes

When a mentally challenged, middle-aged man receives an experimental operation promised to increase his mental capabilities, his life changes drastically. He quickly achieves the IQ of a genius but then discovers his newfound intelligence isn’t permanent. CHARLY is the tale of a man with a very big heart – a heart that can never be altered by the level of his intelligence.

ACTORS: Erik Leeming – Charly Gordon ✦ Lauren Zeiner – Alice Kinnean ✦ Mike Bryant – Dr. Straus ✦ Stan Lawrence – Gimpy ✦ Mark Schwartz – Carl ✦ Bob Flores – Mr. Donner ✦ Dave Stevens – Lester


By Donald L. Coburn

After being admitted to the Bentley Home for Seniors, a seedy nursing home, Weller Martin finds out the only other sentient person to play cards with is a woman named Fonsia Dorsey. They take on a freindly game of gin, only Fonsia keeps winning every single time. . . something Weller and his temper struggle greatly with after all his losses in life.

ACTORS: Lynette Johnson – Fonsai Dorsey ✦ Greg Doyle – Weller Martin


By John Sayles

Soap actress May-Alice Culhane is paralyzed from the waist down from an accident. She returns to her old empty home in Louisiana, where she proceeds to drink steadily and drives away five home care nurses, as she wallows in her pity. Then suddenly she’s assigned a new nurse named Chantelle – a woman with her own life’s problems and whose stubbornness matches that of May-Alice. Gradually the women discover they have more in common than was first revealed. Their dislike for each other turns into a strong heart-felt connection.

ACTORS: Val Novak – May-Alice Culhane ✦ Elaine Harrell – Chantelle ✦ Erik Leeming – Renee Toussalant ✦ Phillip Santa Maria – Vance