Scenes from The Elephant Man (2020)

Elephant Man – The Opening

Dr. Frederick Treves meets The Elephant Man for the first time.

John Merrick Receives an Unwanted Guest

Safe in London Hospital, John Merrick – aka The Elephant Man – is paid a visit by Bites, a circus manager and his former owner.

John Merrick Reveals His Intelligence and Heart

John Merrick is about to be kicked out of London Hospital. Dr. Frederick Treves must convince the head of the hospital, Mr. Carr Gomm, that Merrick is worthy of staying.

Nurse Nora Comes Face to Face with The Elephant Man

Assigned to their strange new patient, Nurse Nora meets John Merrick.

John Merrick Meets Mrs. Kendall

After receiving a special gift from Mrs. Kendall, John Merrick reveals a side of himself that had been hidden for so long.