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ImgBurn Open Source CD Creation Program

ImgBurn Installation File
SetupImgBurn_2.5.7.0.exe (5.83 MB) — for Windows

ImbBurn website: www.imgburn.com
Note that the ImbBurn website is heavily ad-based. So if you want to check out the site, avoid most of the ads by scrolling down on the home page to the News section, where the information about the current and previous releases is listed. However, you do not need to view the site to download the installation program and use ImgBurn.

Disc Burn Instructions

Download all the Interview CD Image Files into a single folder.

Once ImgBurn is installed, right-click on the associated .cue file for the image you want to burn, choose “Open With…”, and select “ImgBurn – The ultimate Image Burner!”.

It takes half a minute or so for “Checking Drives…” and other initialization to be performed. Place a blank CDR disc in the CD/DVD drive, select that drive in ImgBurn, and click the file-to-disc button. The image burn settings selected by ImgBurn should work just fine.

Interview Audio CD Image Files

Matthew Audio CD Image Files
Interview-Matthew.bin (149 MB)
Interview-Matthew.cue (103 bytes)
Toornman Audio CD Image Files
Interview-Toorman-Part-1-of-3-Image.bin (511 MB)
Interview-Toorman-Part-1-of-3-Image.cue (162 bytes)   Interview-Toorman-Part-2-of-3-Image.bin (469 MB)
Interview-Toorman-Part-2-of-3-Image.cue (121 bytes)   Interview-Toorman-Part-3-of-3-Image.bin (803 MB)
Interview-Toorman-Part-3-of-3-Image.cue (162 bytes)