Meisner Scene Study Workshop

As of now, you’ve been introduced to the basic Meisner principals of Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Now, it’s a matter of applying the principles as a “set of comprehensive skills” that will help you bring audiences on a memorable, riveting, heartfelt and emotional journey – and this is our goal for this Scene Study Workshop.

In this Scene Study Workshop you will:

  • Be assigned a memorable character from a work that has integrity (works that are classic films or plays) – You will be assigned a character that you, as an actor, can “sink your teeth into” and have fun creating.
  • Apply the Meisner character exercise to the character you are assigned. We will examine more closely how “The character is always You” but how to “shift your viewpoint into a living breathing character, across the entire “emotional arc” of the scenes you have been assigned. We will also be talking about the physical life of the character and how to allow that physical life to resonate within you emotionally.
  • Stress every important aspect of playing a role from the first read through (and what the director expects of you), through the detailed rehearsal process (and how to make the most of your rehearsals with your partners), all the way to a professional level performance of your scene or set of scenes that audiences will truly enjoy.
  • Meisner direction – You will learn what it’s like to be directed by a director who also uses The Meisner Technique and how that will differ from other directors you may encounter. After this workshop you will know what you should be doing consistently when you are working with directors, and what is expected of you from all directors.
  • Strengthen your acting foundation – we will emphasize all the Meisner Principles from Level 1, 2 and 3 and how to use these principles to take your work to a much higher professional level. You will learn to apply all the Meisner principles with much greater ease.
  • Ensemble acting – You will learn how to become a thriving member of an “acting ensemble” and how the ensemble together, using the same principles, can lift each other to a new creative high.
  • The result of this scene study workshop is: a Meisner actor who has a new confidence on stage, and who can always produce work at a high professional level.