Twenty-Five Years of Skilled Marketing Experience

When you choose Pamela Peak Productions to write, produce, direct and edit your videos, you are bringing twenty-five years of successful marketing experience to your project.  Very few independent production houses can make this claim. In fact, most are oblivious to the vital role marketing can and should play from the very inception of a project It is Pamela’s in-depth understanding of how your audiences will view and receive your message, that helps her hone that message and keep it alive and “delivering” –  all the way through your project from start to finish. Pamela’s own films and projects have been seen by tens of millions of viewers.  This is testament to her skills as a publicist. She has skillfully landed hundreds of positive press articles over the years for both her client projects and her own. Pamela has successfully been the publicist for corporations and people from all walks of life – from the Real Estate Industry, to high-tech software products, from doctor’s and lawyer’s practices to successful training events in Silicon Valley and film festival events Hollywood and around the country.  It is her unique combination of marketing know-how, communication skills as a writer and her aesthetic eye as a filmmaker that makes each project she touches communicate, impact audiences and come alive!

These are the skills that you can count on when Pamela and her team go to work for you.

How much is a message “picked up and passed along” when a “marketing viewpoint” is applied to it from the very start? Click here to see just three examples for three very different types of projects that have had tremendous success: Film Festival Path  (with all the press coverage in it) Joyce’s trailer to 1940s music GSO Event Testimonials