Lauren and Paul Scenes

Each class scene video is provided as HD Video (1920×1080) in both MP4 and WMV video file format.



SceneMP4 FileSize MP4WMV FileSize WMV
1 Lauren-and-Paul-1.mp4543 MB Lauren-and-Paul-1.wmv541 MB
2 Lauren-and-Paul-2.mp4533 MB Lauren-and-Paul-2.wmv531 MB
3 Lauren-and-Paul-3.mp4230 MB Lauren-and-Paul-3.wmv229 MB
4 Lauren-and-Paul-4.mp4455 MB Lauren-and-Paul-4.wmv454 MB
5 Lauren-and-Paul-5.mp467 MB Lauren-and-Paul-5.wmv66 MB
6 Lauren-and-Paul-6.mp477 MB Lauren-and-Paul-6.wmv105 MB
7 Lauren-and-Paul-7.mp481 MB Lauren-and-Paul-7.wmv108 MB