CHARLY (Flowers for Algernon)

by Daniel Keyes

VENUE: The Cabrillo Playhouse (San Clemente)

LOCATION: 202 Avenida Cabrillo, San Clemente, CA 92672

PRODUCED BY: Pamela Peak and Lauren Zeiner

DIRECTED BY: Pamela Peak

PERFORMERS: The On Impulse™ Acting Troupe

DATES: OCT 27th – NOV 12th, Fridays & Saturdays at 8PM, Sunday Matinee at 2PM

TICKETS: $20 | $15 for Students' Special Performance on Thursday, October 26th

TICKETS: The Show is Over! 


A TRANSFORMING EXPERIENCE! “The depth of real emotion that Erik Leeming portrayed as Charly blew me away. I was so caught up with what was happening on stage that I lost sense of time and reality!”
–Michael L. (See more audience reaction.)

About CHARLY (Flowers for Algernon)

Does intelligence define one’s happiness in life?

Charly Gordon, a mentally disabled, middle-aged man is about to find out when he is selected for experimental surgery that could possibly make him a genius. Only a mouse named Algernon has tried this operation before and when he did - he became the smartest mouse on earth!

When the operation’s inventor, Dr. Straus, selects Charly Gordon for the operation, everything in Charly’s life, even his job at the bakery, where he is always taunted, seems to come unraveled. And he finds himself in love with Alice, the kind teacher who always guided him. Suddenly, Charly’s intelligence even exceeds that of Alice and Dr. Straus!

When Charly becomes a genius, he knows his life and intelligence has skyrocketed. He now knows who is a friend and who isn’t. But what Charly doesn’t know is that operation that made him a genius. . . is only temporary and time is running out.

Charly (Flowers for Algernon) is a story about human behavior – a story about how we treat those less fortunate than us. But most of all, Charly is a love story that profoundly touches the human heart.


MESMERIZING! “Erik Leeming as Charly was mesmerizing. A genuinely talented actor.” –Deb

“I thoroughly enjoyed the productions and I was brought to tears. I don’t think there is anyone who can say that they have never judged someone in some form or fashion as depicted in this play.” –Marion Prato

JOURNEY OF INNER FEELINGS: “The play brought us through a journey of our inner feelings: sorrow, frustration, sadness, happiness, anger and humor. Thank you for an amazing performance!” –Suzie

Join us for this touching story of the heart!

Cast and Crew

  • Charly Gordon Erik Leeming
  • Alice KinneanLauren Zeiner
  • Dr. StrausMike Bryant
  • Gimpy the BakerMark Schwartz
  • CarlBen Straley
  • StevieRichard Treasure
  • Mr. DonnerBob Flores/Larry Gassin
  • Miss AppleGina Treasure
  • Charly’s MomLynette Johnson
  • LesterDave Stevens
  • BerniceBarb Turino
  • NarratorPamela Peak

  • Lighting DesignRyan Cutler
  • LightingRuthie Trimble
  • Audio DesignPamela Peak
  • AudioGarrett Sanders
  • GraphicsRay Bernard