The Team

All producers rely upon and work with the talent and skills of their (insert poster of Pamela & team here) production teams. Aesthetic collaboration is what makes the team “tick”.  Over the years Pamela Peak has worked with a close-knit group of talented individuals who she personally selected because they are the best in their fields. It is this team’s knowledge, skill and their ability to aesthetically work together that puts Pamela and her team far out in front when it come to any project. Whether it is their knowledge in meeting the PBS broadcast specification (which is the most stringent technical specification in the entire field of broadcasting) or their combined artistic talents that helps them make “just the right decisions”,  your project will be written, produced, directed, and edited to create just the right amount of emotional impact. Pamela’s team of seasoned veterans has not only worked together for years but also enjoys working together. And behind the scenes, this makes all the difference in your end result! These are the factors that have led Pamela Peak Productions to win numerous film festival awards and an Emmy Nomination.

Here are some of key members of Pamela’s team:

Rick Sherman, Sherman Sound Suite (insert Rick’s photo here by his computer)   Pamela Peak first met Rick Sherman when they collaborated together on Pamela’s first award-winning documentary film Colorblind. Sherman and Peak worked so well together that Pamela chose Sherman Sound Suite to be the recording studio for many other projects as well, including her WWI Documentary “Voices of a Never Ending Dawn” which was comprised of over 40 hours of recordings from the dramatic diaries of the WWI soldiers. Sherman also composed and arranged original music for this major film and performed all the sound engineering, sound effects (including the sound design of all authentic WWI gun sounds in each dramatic battle scene within the film). It is this film that led to an Emmy Nomination in 2010 for Best Audio – a fitting thing for a film about the soldier’s “voices”. Peak and Sherman continue to collaborate on numerous projects and artistically enjoy doing so! Based in Orange County, CA, renowned audio engineer and acclaimed musician and composor Rick Sherman divides his full-time musical career into two very different, yet musically related categories: live musical performance, and music composing along with audio engineering for video, film and multimedia (as well as providing several other audio services for the media industry. Curt Norris, Curt Norris/media (insert one of Curt’s photos here – see his recent e-mail!) Curt Norris/media specializes in  video production, corporate and editorial messages for video, webs, broadcast and interactive applications. Curt’s technical knowledge in these areas is always at the forefront of technology.  His work as a videographer and editor has appeared in Peak Production projects for PBS and on other productions as well.  Curt’s work has been commissioned by major outlets such as The Orange County Register, The Hollywood Reporter, CNN Headline News and others. Curt Norris has comprehensive experience in the areas of cinematography, editing and lighting.  His project range includes short films, documentaries, national ad campaigns, commercials and PSAs for such clients as 20th Century FOX, Yamaha, Olgilvy & Mather, The Getty Museum and many others. Curt has an extensive background and education in still photography, illustration and graphics software, and he has shared his knowledge by teaching theory and practical application at private corporations and guest lecturing at UCLA. He has consistently recieved recognition and awards for his photographs and illustrations. Curt Norris discovered photography while he was a Communications major at CSU Fullerton. The use of film demanded that creativity be blended with precision, and required careful consideration of lighting and composition before exposing the first frame. While working in the Photography department at The Orange County Register, Curt was an early adopter of Photoshop and was the first to create photorealistic illustrations for the Pulitzer prize-winning publication. As one of the early pioneers of video for the paper’s online news, Curt brought his eye for light and composition to the moving frame, developing short-format story packages exploring people, events and food – with all the demands of a daily publication. Producing video professionally for more than 12 years, Curt draws on his foundation of still photography and experience in the fast-paced editorial world to create content that is engaging, beautiful and full of story. He has been on the red carpet at the Oscars, behind the scenes at the Getty and in helicopters over Los Angeles. Curt’s passion for food has landed him projects with some of the most influential chefs in the country, including Thomas Keller, Jacques Pepin, Iron Chef Cat Cora, Ming Tsai, Charlie Palmer and many others. Curt is a regular contributor to CNN Headline News Local Edition, Charter Communications, The Orange County Register and many web sites as well as developing content for corporate and commercial clients. His work has appeared internationally on the Times Now network, nationally on PBS and in several award-winning short films. Steven Oatley, Axis Films (insert photo of Steve Oatley here)

When Producer/Director Pamela Peak realized the challenges she would be facing when shooting video in sub-zero temperatures and blizzard conditions for the many battle scene re-enactments for Voices of a Never Ending Dawn, she immediately thought of the expertise and perseverance ofVideographer Steven Oatley from Oak Park, MI.

Peak had met Steven Oatley when he worked on her award-winning PBS film Colorblind in 2004. “His work was impeccable,” said Peak.  “He knew his stuff in every way and he was tremendous to work with.”

“Steve is a videographer with integrity for his work no matter what project we are working on. In “Voices of a Never Ending Dawn” we were facing blizzard conditions in northern Michigan for five straight days, unable to even re-wind our tapes on the set due to the sub-zero temperatures. I knew I could count on Steve to “get the shot” hour after hour and day after day.”

“Steve stood with me in those blizzard conditions, capturing every emotional moment that makes Voices of a Never Ending Dawn the film it became.”

“I wanted to take our audiences on the journey and through the challenges these young men faced. With his talent, skill and caring Steve Oatley helped me do just that.”

Steven Oatley capturing a high action shot in the snowy trenches
Steven Oatley capturing a high action shot in the snowy trenches of Northern, Michigan during one of many dramatic re-enactment scenes seen in Voices of a Never Ending Dawn

Steven Oatley is CEO and President ofAXIS Films of Oak Park, Michigan.  AXIS Films is an award winning video production, post-production company that produces all kinds of Media for a variety of television, industrial, educational and business clients. Steve has over fifteen years of experience producing and directing film, television, and still photography projects.

Steve has taught Cinematography atMichigan’s First Film School. Oatley was instrumental in the early creation of their curriculum.  Oatley is also a guest lecturer at his Alma Mater, teaching classes in Lighting and Video Production.  Oatley has been a member of I.A.T.S.E. Local 600 union, which represents the Camera Department, for nine years.

Del Mar Media Arts (insert photo of Bunny and Bud)   For over a decade Pamela Peak has worked with Bunny and Bud Barth from Del Mar Media Arts in Irvine, CA. Del Mar is one of the premiere voice over schools in Southern, CA and has produced voice talent and on-camera spokespersons featured in a number of Pamela Peak’s projects. Bunny and Bud Barth are a talented husband and wife team who we have all heard in countless cartoons, radio commercials and narrations over the past thirty-five years.  They have a close collaboration with Walt Disney Productions. Since 2011, Bud and Bunny Barth have asked Pamela Peak to teach on-camera acting (insert link to teaching page) at Del Mar Media Arts. Marc Foster, Pixel Abuse, Pamela Peak Productions uses the incredible talent of special effects artist Marc Foster of the Emmy Award Winning company, Pixel Abuse. Pixel Abuse specialize in the creation of production quality Motion Graphics for all aspects of digital media.