Speaking Authentically Course Testimonials

Pamela Peak is one of the most effective business and real estate executive and salespeople personal communication coaches in the industry today. Pam’s unique approach and insight into AUTHENTIC PERSONAL COMMUNICATION has given Pam the ability to assist her coaching clients to set themselves apart by knowing how to comfortably and successfully deliver sincere, impactful communications to accomplish their goals.

The Art of Business Communications

Pam’s professional communications students consist of attorneys, executives, real estate agents and brokers, doctors, actors, musicians, and more. The secret to Pam’s coaching success in the communications industry has always been her unique talent in helping others take a communication and “make it their own.” Pam takes a very personalized approach with each student to own their own personal communication style, creating a more comfortable and natural foundation in client discourse that instills trust and forward movement with the client. Pam’s student focus is effective communication that creates in the student, a communication style that doesn’t get in the way of the substance of that communication.


“My High Recommendation”

I took classes with Pamela Peak, when she was instructing at Del Mar Media Arts in Irvine, CA.

As a physician and healthcare executive with clinical practice in emergency and preventive medicine, as well as occupational health, I not only have interfaced with over 140,000 patients over my career but also have led large groups of doctors. The exercises I’ve learned in Pamela Peak’s classes have helped my communication become more personable, warm and alive when interfacing with patients and colleagues.

I am called upon to give speeches at major universities and to medical groups, and I attribute my success with audiences and my ability to “read audiences well”, with exercises I learned in Pamela Peak’s classes. I am able to respond more spontaneously to audiences too, because of the classes and exercises I have done.

Pamela is an engaging and warm instructor whose enthusiasm creates a warm, safe and welcoming environment during her classes.

I highly recommend Pamela Peak as a class instructor, and I also recommend her classes.


Dr. Richard Pitts, D.O., Ph.D.
Chief Medical Officer

“Tremendous Impact on Me Personally and Professionally”

Since 2010, I’ve taken numerous classes with Pamela Peak to improve my professional communication skills. She is a warm and engaging instructor who always makes sure her students fully understand all the materials she is teaching and can apply them accordingly. Even better is that she makes a concerted effort to spend the time necessary with each individual to help them reach their goals.

Pamela’s classes have made a tremendous impact on me both personally and professionally. They help those in the workplace to become more dynamic communicators, whether in front of audiences or in one-on-one communications.

Pamela teaches exercises that inspire her students to become more spontaneous and empathetic with clients. She helps each student get their communications across with warmth and clarity. The exercises you will learn will keep you agile and prepare you for any scenario that comes your way.

I highly recommend Pamela Peak as an instructor. She will not only make a difference in your life but also the lives with whom you interact. There’s a better you waiting to come out so why not get started sooner than later. It only takes a phone call….

Best of Luck,

Phillip L. Santa Maria
Account Executive
Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

“Study with a Coach who is a Business Success”

Pam draws upon her background as an award-winning film producer, writer, director and acting coach, as well as having been a top real estate agent and communicator in the awarding-winning PEAK FAMILY REAL ESTATE TEAM™. Pam’s background has made her instrumental in coaching speakers from multiple professions and industries to most effectively and quickly accomplish the client product or service needed.

As an Emmy-nominated director and producer, and a successful business professional herself, Pam has decades of theatrical and business communications training and coaching that has helped her impart that knowledge to her students, so they gain the confidence they need to own and deliver their communications to guarantee client relationship success.

Pam brings clarity, a greater personal awareness, to one’s communication in a professional setting, which results in both the client and their agent representative able to open up and communicate comfortably and effectively.

Candy Peak Ross, National Director

Council of Condominium Specialists®
President/Broker – PEAK Real Estate Network®


Women’s Council of Realtors® – Past President & Advisory Council Member
Greater Los Angeles Chapter
Director, Real Estate Investors Institute® (REII®)
Featured in Who’s Who in Real Estate in North America
Member, Public Relations Society of America® – Dallas, TX Chapter
Member, Real Estate Staging Association

No matter where you’re starting from, if you’re ready to boost your communication skills, presence and authenticity to a whole new level, contact Pamela Peak (telephone: 949-439-8735) to learn about the vital Speaking Authentically Course for Emerging Executives.