Video Production Services

Use the power of video to “touch” your target audience and move them to respond.
Compelling video uses an effective combination of sound and picture messages to grab attention and tell a story or make a point.
You know the basic story or message that you want go get across. How do you present that in a compelling way? One that’s right for the particular audience you want to reach?
The factual and emotional insights needed come from our effective audience research. The compelling visual story results from our inspired application of creative film-making.
Whether yours is an entertainment, business or humanitarian purpose: you must engage your audience. Your return on investment will be directly in proportion to how effectively you engage the viewers of your video. This is part science and part art, and we blend those parts together to create an effective video story or presentation.

Writing, Directing and Producing

Pamela and her team are experienced in all genres of film-making:
  • Full-length Stories
    • Feature Film Stories – Screenwriting, Directing
    • Documentaries – Screenwriting, Directing, Production
  • Corporate Messages
    Screenwriting, Directing, and Production for:
    • Website and event videos
    • Corporate relations messages
    • Product introduction videos
    • Training films
    • Testimonials
    • Tributes to partners or colleagues
  • Non-Profit Productions
    Screenwriting, Directing, and Production for:
    • Member “welcome” films
    • “Our Story” videos
    • Special event messages
    • Testimonials


A film or movie is a series of moving pictures and sounds designed to tell a moving story. A commercial video must grab the audience’s attention and compel action—a decision or a specific act. In contrast, a training video (depending upon the type) must direct the viewer to perform an action effectively, or to understand and remember the training information. Each type of video has its own structure, which is used to achieve the purpose of the video. An adept screenwriter provides a framework (in action and dialog) that allows the actor or spokesperson to apply their skills to engage the audience, supported by the audio and visual elements. The screenwriting must be appropriate to the story or message and also the audience. Pamela Peak’s award-winning experience as an actor, director, and producer help her to adeptly create a screenplay or script that can be effectively produced to achieve its intended result.


Ask anyone who has been directed by Pamela Peak what the experience was like. You will hear how at-ease Pamela makes her actors feel. Pamela’s extensive work as an Emmy-Nominated Documentary Filmmaker has given her years of experience in interviewing people such as well-known US Senators, Hollywood film stars, International Corporate CEOs to the “man on the street”.  Her sense of humor, and her genuine interest in what people have to say, helps her to obtain performances and interviews from people that “hit the mark”. As a New York-trained actress who worked on Daytime Soap Operas, and in film and television, Pamela knows what it feels like to be in front of the camera.  She understands how people feel when being interviewed, and she knows how impersonal and counter-productive a question-and-answer session can be. This is why Pamela takes a discussion approach—whether for research interviews or on-camera interviews—so that interview statements are natural and “fresh”, and heighten the interest of the audience. When directing an actor’s performance, Pamela is able to inspire and draw out the actor’s best work—true to the vision of the message or story. Pamela credits a lot of her success as a director with her training from the great Sanford Meisner, considered one of the greatest acting teachers of the twentieth Century – in fact one of the fathers of American Film Acting.  Sanford Meisner is the acting teacher of Robert Duvall, Jon Voight, Steve McQueen and so many other American icons. Meisner’s principles are also used by such great writers as David Mamet and Directors as Sydney Pollack and Sydney Lumet. Pamela feels that the truthful and guiding principles that she learned from Sanford Meisner is at the basis of everything she does as a writer, producer and director. 


As  a producer, Pamela Peak is known to manage projects so that everyone involved remains clearly “on the same page” at all times.  Good and clear communication is at the root of Pamela’s success in this regard. “Team harmony” is one of the hallmarks of a Pamela Peak Production. Pamela’s passion, enthusiasm and her own ability to communicate clearly lend greatly to her ability to build an enthusiastic and cohesive group around every project she undertakes.  It is Pamela’s personal belief that “group spirit” is one of the most important factors in achieving a project that is on-time and within budget. When people are in good communication and things are planned out well ahead of time so that everyone involved is fully informed of every single task that needs to get accomplished, this eliminates surprises.  And it is “surprises” that cause projects to run on and become costly.  While there can be unforeseen things that arise in every project, Pamela is dedicated to anticipating them ahead of time before they become problems down the line. The experience of Pamela’s team and their high level of communication with you at every step of the way will help the production of your video to be a pleasant and memorable experience; one in which Pamela and her team are dedicated to keeping on-time and within your budget.