Emmy Nominated for Best Audio!

Congratulations to: Rick Sherman and Sherman Sound Suite!


Based in Orange County, CA, renowned audio engineer and acclaimed musician Rick Sherman divides his full-time musical career into two very different, yet musically related categories: live musical performance, and music and audio production, including composing and recording music for video, film and multimedia (as well as providing several other audio services for the media industry.

Producer/Director Pamela Peak first met Rick Sherman when working on her award-winning documentary Colorblind.

Sherman and Peak worked so well together that she chose Sherman Sound Suite to be the recording studio for the many soldier’s voices in their dramatic WWI accounts from their diaries. Sherman and Peak recorded over forty hours of these dramatic readings. Peak then selected which “voices” would tell each part of the dramatic story of the Polar Bears.

Peak and Sherman’s work led to an Emmy Nomination in 2010 for Best Audio – very fitting for a story about the soldier’s “voices”.

Rick Sherman's work on the project didn't stop at recording the voices, he wrote original music at several points in the film, arranged music and performed all sound engineering, sound effects, music editing as well as designing all authentic WWI gun sounds in each dramatic battle scene within the film.

Peak and Sherman's creative collaboration adds much of the emotional “feel” of the film Voices of a Never Ending Dawn.